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Nature's Kitchen, LLC

Nature’s Kitchen was founded by Rory Mitchell with the help of his wife and son. Rory and his family began their food journey experimenting with various herbs and spices as a means to improve their health and begin living a healthier lifestyle. They also wanted to introduce the flavors of their cultures to their children. (Rory is from Jamaica while his wife Archana is from India.)

Nature’s Kitchen participated in the 2016 Flavors of Georgia competition and was presented the Food Product Contest Finalist award for their Jerk Sauce.

“To come out of the gate and be a top three finalist in such a prestigious competition and not have our products on the shelves confirmed for us that we are on the right path. The possibilities of things you can make with our products are endless and our excitement grows daily at the response from our customers.”

The sauces launched by Nature’s Kitchen are made with vegetarian ingredients, are gluten-free, contain no high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients, and contain low sodium. The Jerk Sauce is a mild-medium spicy blend of Jamaican and southern tastes and can be used as a marinade or condiment.

The Jerk Marinade is a complete seasoning, containing the perfect balance of herbs and spices and the authentic flavor of Jamaica and a taste of India.

Nature’s Kitchen offers their products at a variety of Georgia locations and for sale on their website. For a complete list of locations and contact information, visit our website.

Nature’s Kitchen founder Rory Mitchell and family take a local and artisanal approach to make sauces and marinades for a complete and balanced taste bud experience.

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