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B&B Enterprises - Local Raw Honey

Bob & Bev Bradbury’s delicious raw wildflower honey will not only satisfy your taste buds but it will also be very effective in building up your immune system against the onslaught of allergies that can be so debilitating during the growing season.

On their property, they grow over 200 kinds of flowers, 36 kinds of vegetables, 12 kinds of fruit, many herbs and other bushes and trees.

The bees not only pollinate the plants but bring back to the hives the pollen and nectar from which they make the honey.

They also carry sourwood honey from their hives in Habersham County.

No insecticides are ever used on any of their products.
Raw Honey vs. Pasteurized Honey: What is the difference?
So what exactly is the difference between raw honey and the perfectly golden, liquid honey that you see often on the shelves in the supermarkets?

First of all, raw honey has not been heated through pasteurization. The only way to get that perfectly clear look of most commercial honeys is to heat it and then filter it excessively.

The problem with heat is that many nutrients are very sensitive to it and die. It’s the beneficial enzymes found in raw honey that make it so digestible to humans.

Raw honey is filtered, but very minimally and in a manner not to destroy the health promoting enzymes and other nutrients.

Therefore, the mirky look to your honey is assurance that it still contains the valuable bee pollen granules, bee propolis, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and whatever else raw honey contains that we haven’t yet figured out!